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Mayur Indian Naas À La Carte Menu

Appetizer / Shuruat
Veg. Samosa €5.95
Punjabi delicacy – Crispy fried light pastry, stuffed spinach, goat cheese, raisins and cashew nuts

Onion Bhajee €4.95
Thinly sliced onions fried with carom scented gram flour batter
– Most popular snacks all over India

Aloo Tikki Chat €5.95
Deep fried crushed potato dumplings topped up with yoghurt, mint and tarmarind chutneys

Aloo Bonda €5.50
Gram flour battered crispy fried potato and cashew nuts cakes, served with tarmarind

Palak aur Chane Ki Chat €5.95
Spinach fritter topped with cumin-flavoured yogurt,
Chickpeas and assortment of freshly made chutneys

Mixed Veg. Platter (for 2) €12.50
An assortment of veg snacks – Recommended by Chef

Non Veg
(From Tandoor)
We use 100% Irish Lamb & Chicken
Baked Terracotta tandoor is used in the remote village of Punjab for baking breads and roasting meats, we at
Mayur offer you this traditional way of cooking on live wood charcoal to produce a real taste of kebab and
freshly baked breads.

Boti Kebab €6.50
Tender pieces of spring lamb, overnight marinated with aromatic spices and cooked in Tandoor

Sheekh Kebab €6.50
Hand pounded lamb mince rolls, skewered and cooked in tandoor

Coorgi Pork Fry €6.50
Stir fried strips of pork finest with smoky dry chilli, palm sugar and sesame seeds

Lassan Da Kebab €6.50
Chicken cubes marinated with cheese, cream and garlic chives

Tandoori Chicken €6.50
Yoghurt, chillie, turmeric and lemon juice marinated with chicken breast/leg
served with fresh salads and chutney – All time favourite

Murgh Sholay €6.95
Flattened and rolled chicken supreme stuffed with almond, cheese, spinach, pineapple
and raisins served with fresh homemade salad

Chicken Shaslik €6.50
Tandoori baked yoghurt and fenugreek marinated chicken morels,
tipped with onion seeds shallots and bell peppers

Tandoori Prawns €9.99
King Prawns, marinated in chilli yogurt, lime juice and turmeric

Samundri Rattan €8.50
Stir fried tiger prawn briskly tossed with pickled shallots and scallions
finished Pounded Mixed peppers and lemon

Seafood Tikki €8.50
Shredded tilapia fish and prawns stuffed cake
served with mustard yogurt dip

Mixed Meat Platter (for 2) €16.50
A simple and delightful way to savour selection of tandoori cooking.
As assortment of prawns, chicken, lamb and chicken sholay and served with salad

Mayur Sizzlers (Main Course)
All the Sizzlers are served on Pepper & Onion bed
with Curry sauce on the side
Tandoori Chicken €14.95
Yogurt, chilli, turmeric and lemon juice marinated chicken breast/leg

Chicken Tikka €14.95
Yogurt chilli, turmeric and lemon juice marinated chicken cubes

Lassan Da Kebab €14.95
Chicken cubes marinated with cheese, cream and Garlic Chives

Sizzling Lamb €15.95
Kerala style succulent Irish Lamb’s chunk marinated with brandy,
Stir fried with Shallots and bell peppers Served with curry sauce.

Tandoori Prawns €19.50
Jumbo Prawns, marinated in chilli yogurt, lime juice and tumeric

Sheekh Kebab €14.95
Hand pounded lamb mince roll, skewered and cooked in tandoor

MAYUR Assorted Sizzler €17.50
Assorted chicken, lamb and prawn

Chef Special (Main Course)
Non Veg
Murgh Sharabi €15.95
Chicken chunks cooked with fresh onion, tomato, ginger, raisins, slit chilli
and toasted with cashew nuts, finished with a dash of brandy

Chicken Lababdar €16.50
Spinach, cheese, pineapple, onion, raisins and almonds stuffed chicken supreme
cooked in a mild creamy saffron sauce

Mugali Bahar €15.95
Chicken cubes cooked in onion tomato masala,
fenugreek leaves and green vegetables, finished with cream

Baruchi Lamb €15.95
A slow braised lamb chunks cooked with coconut and tarmarind, finished with mustard seeds and curry leaves

Nalli Gosht €16.95
From the Royal House of Nizams - slow braised tender lamb shanks
in a medium curry, flavoured with Chef ’s special aromatic spices

Lal Mas €15.95
Slow braised cubes of lamb in red chilli paste, yogurt,
brown onion & cloves. A classic spicy Rajastani dish

Mayur Special Curry €16.95
Freshly cooked breast chicken, lamb & prawn
Cooked in a medium spiced sauce

Butter Chicken €15.95
Chicken cubes cooked in clay oven laced with cashew nuts, tomatoes
and cream sauce topped with almond flakes

Keema Mutter €15.95
Hand pounded minced lamb cooked with green peas and tomatoes in medium spice

Parsi Duck €16.95
Female barberry duck breast roasted in chargrilled tandoor
and cooked with green vegetables in sweet and sour tangy onion sauce

Duck Madras €16.95
Tandoori roasted sliced duck breast cooked with green vegetables in hot spicy tangy sauce,
tempered with black mustard seeds and curry leaves finished with a dash of coconut milk

Kekda Tak-a-Tak €18.50
Jumbo crab claws cooked in onion tomato sauce with green peas
and zuccini finished with hint of black pepper and lemon juice

Goan Sea-Food Curry €18.00
Black tiger prawns, crab claws and mussels simmered in a smooth coconut
and chilli Masala paste staple food of the Goans!

Karahi Zhinga €17.50
Black tiger prawns cooked in Coastal spices with fresh pepper and onion,
finished with fresh corriander

Prawn Moilee €17.50
Black tiger prawns simmered in turmeric coconut sauce

Chicken Chettinad €15.95
Roasted chicken morels cooked in South Indian Masala paste
with black pepper and curry leaves, finished with toasted coconut and tarmarind

All Time Favourites
At Mayur, we understand that some dishes never fall out of flavour and palatable fashion. Should you not find any
of your choice dishes on this listing, our chef will be more than happy to accommodate your need and requests.
These dishes can be ordered with your own choice of meats. Should you want them to cook to your individual
spice levels of preferences, please inform the floor staff.

Chicken €15.00
Lamb €15.50
Prawns €16.95

Tikka Masala
Tandoori tikka simmered in a creamy tomato sauce flavoured
with dry fenugreek leaves and cashew nuts – an all time favourite;
Meats cooked with fresh spinach tossed with smoked red chillies
and ginger finished with hint of cream and tomatoes
Rogan Josh
Meat cooked slowly in tomato and onion stew finished
with nutmeg, cardamom and fennel

Korma Khass
Meat cooked slowly in white onion, saffron and cashew nut and almond powder

Choice of meats stir-fried with onion pepper and tomato,
flavoured with carom seeds and fresh lime

Curry from Southern coast of India cooked with fresh coconut and curry leaves. Hot spiced

Murgh Bhuna
Chicken cubes cooked in onion tomato sauce with mushroom,
spring onion, mix peppers, ginger and finished with fresh coriander leaves

Murghi Pasanda
Pieces of chicken cooked in mild creamy saffron & cashew nuts,
served with almonds and fruit cocktail

Breast pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with fresh tomatoes,
pepper, medium spices garnished with fresh coriander

Western Indian speciality meat cooked with whole aromatic spices
and herbs in a traditional fashion, so we at Mayur, are always delighted
to introduce the balti dishes in its own traditional ways

Rajashthan’s favourite curry cooked with red chillies – one of the hottest delicacies
of the land, this is the Mogul version and strictly for those with steel lined stomach

Selected chicken or lamb cooked with ground coriander seeds,
diced onion, medium spiced sauce

A fusion dish of Parsi origin, chicken or lamb combined
with yellow lentils medium spiced with a ginger and pineapple

Chilli Masala
Tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with fresh pepper, spring onion,
green chilli. Hot spiced

Chicken Patia
Chicken cubes cooked in medium spicy sweet/sour curry with medium sauce

Chef ’s Specials Biryani
Vegetable €15.50
Chicken €15.95
Lamb €16.95
Prawns €17.95
Special €18.95
Choice of Meat or Vegetables cooked with aromatic spices, onions and basmati rice, finished with yogurt,
brown onion, nuts and fresh mint leaves. Served with a light scented curry sauce or raita

Basmati Rice €2.50
Steamed rice for healthy eating

Pilau Rice €2.75
Fluffy aromatic basmati rice cooked in saffron flavour

Vegetable Pilau Rice €3.00
Basmatic rice cooked with mix vegetables

Lemon Rice €3.00
Fluffy aromatic basmati rice with mustard seeds, curry leaves
and peanut with a hint of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Mushroom Pilau Rice €3.00
Basmati rice with wild mushrooms and fried onions

Egg Fried Rice €3.00
Basmati rice stir fried with eggs and spring onions

Mayur Special Rice €3.50
Rice cooked together with vegetables, mushrooms, nuts and eggs

Tandoori Breads
Plain Naan €2.50
Leavened Indian bread

Garlic Naan €2.95
Naan Bread layered with garlic

Coriander Naan €2.95
Naan Bread layered with coriander

Garlic Coriander Naan €2.95
Naan Bread layered with coriander and garlic

Chilli Cheese Naan €3.25
Speciality of the house

Peshawari Naan €2.95
Naan Breads with stuffing of almonds, coconut and raisins

Garam Garam Roti €2.20
Wholemeal bread, healthy option

Keema Naan €3.25
Naan bread filled with hand pounded lamb mince

Aloo Kulcha €2.95
Bread stuffed with potatoes & herbs

Chips €2.50

Raita €2.95
Green Salad €3.50


A philosophy of food that believes that man is what he eats; this culinary legacy influenced the
development of myriad food cultures including one of the most creative vegetarian cuisines in the world.

Mutter Paneer €6.50 (side) €12.50 (main)
Green peas cooked with homemade cottage cheese in medium spice

Bhindi Bhaji €6.50 (side) €12.50 (main)
Fresh okra sauté with diced onion, tomato, ginger cooked in medium spices

Paneer Narangi €6.50 (side) €12.50 (main)
Cottage cheese cooked in a buttered tomato sauce finished with
Dash of Cointreau

Tarkari Milaoni €6.50 (side) €12.50 (main)
Varieties of mixed vegetables slowly cooked in medium curry sauce

Saag Aloo €6.50 (side) €12.50 (main)
Spinach cooked with diced potatoes flavoured with
fenugreek leaves

Chana Masala €6.50 (side) €12.50 (main)
Chickpeas cooked in a traditional method with mixed spices

Subz Korma €6.50 (side) €12.50 (main)
Fresh vegetables simmered in turmeric Coconut sauce

Bombay Aloo €6.50 (side) €12.50 (main)
Diced potatoes and freshly chopped tomatoes
cooked in a Traditional home style

Daal Tadkewali €6.50 (side) €12.50 (main)
Yellow lentils tempered with garlic, red onion and cumin

Aloo Gobi €6.50 (side) €12.50 (main)
Potato and Cauliflower mixed together in a medium spicy sauce

Saag Paneer €6.50 (side) €12.50 (main)
Homemade cottage cheese cooked with fresh spinach
finished with touch of cream

Saag Mushroom €6.50 (side) €12.50 (main)
Spinach cooked with fresh mushrooms flavoured with fenugreek leaves